Friday, November 19, 2010

Asian Corn Borer - Target insect pest of MON810 and Bt11

One of the most economically important insect pest of corn in the Philippines is Asian corn borer, (Ostrinia furcunalis). It is commonly known as "Dalipog", "Gitagit", "Tuhod", "Amasok", "Tipgoy" and "Ulad".  The details of its biology are as follows: egg - 4 to 5 days; larva - 14 to 41 days; pupa - 5 to 58 days; adult- 27 to 58 days; and the female adult lays 15 to 65 eggs per mass. This is a target insect pest of commercially propagated genetically modified corn MON810 and Bt11 in the Philippines.
The damage on the plants includes: (a) 'pinholes' on leaves at whorl stage; (b) poring on stalks, base of tassel or ear shank; (c) granular excreta or frass on perforations; (d) brocken stalks and tassels; (e) clumping of tassels; (f) partial destruction of cobs; and (g) dropping of ears.

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